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About Us

Unite Nebraska is a coordinated care network of health and social care providers, sponsored by Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII). Partners in the network are connected through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, which enables them to send and receive electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve health across communities. 

Community Roots

Unite Nebraska is part of a groundbreaking multi-state initiative led by NEHII to ensure that communities and individuals are able to get seamless access to much-needed resources, such as nutrition services, employment and benefits help and housing, through collaboration with local community-based organizations. 

Sponsored By

“NEHII is proud to launch Unite Nebraska. This groundbreaking platform transforms the way health care and community providers work together, seamlessly connecting a statewide network of partners while keeping the individual at the center of care — making healthier lives possible for Nebraskans.” – Jaime Bland, President and CEO of NEHII

Resources for Partners

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